Theater/Stage Design

When a friend of mine asked me to design and build the sets for his musical production, I was tasked with doing so on a small budget, with pieces that would fit on a stage with little wing space and no backstage space. The script called for a farmhouse, and a barnyard scene.

While I designed the farmhouse in an abstract way, I painted flat plywood to mimic extremely weathered clap boards.

Although the script did not call for the Claremore station and locomotive, I decided I was up for the challenge. The "wow" factor was there, especially when the locomotive slowly rolled on stage and billowed smoke from its stack with the use of a smoke machine.

Finally for the cottage scene, I had very little space to work with. The result was the back end of a tiny cottage that showed more evidence of heavy weathering and sagging foundation that resulted in a crooked roofline. I built this with painted plywood flats and canvas trees.