Coffee Table Book

I wrote this photographic history book as a passion project for a beloved place of mine and many other western Pennsylvanians. The storied history, exuberant architecture, unique and rare amusements, and the setting created a strong sense of place that would be difficult to duplicate. I told the story of this amusement resort in a way that has sold thousands of copies and rekindled memories for those who love the place. Click here for more information.

Magazine Editor & Designer

As the Editor-in-chief of NAPHA Chronicle Magazine, I'm also responsible for the layout and design. The magazine is a publication of the non-profit organization of which I am a member. Our members write and submit articles and features to myself so that I can piece them together to form this 36 page magazine on a quarterly basis. The work is completed in Adobe InDesign.

Freelance Digital Collateral

I've designed advertising pieces and signage.